20 Questions


We are very proud of our service here at 'The Studio, Colby'.

Here are a few important questions we feel you should be asking your photographer, who you are considering trusting with your wedding day, portrait sitting or function coverage.

How would you describe your style in just three words ?

Artistic ...
Passionate ...
Considerate ...

How long have you been a photographer ?

For almost fifty years, now.
(i know, i don't look old enough).

I photographed my first paid wedding in 1977.
I was trained and educated using film cameras, in an era when you simply had to get everything right, "in camera"

How much do you charge for a studio sitting ?

..... watch this space, as they say.

Something exciting is coming your way !

Are the images on your website, your own work ?

Yes indeed, 100%

We do not use images from our own workshops, seminars and training courses (or the internet !).
Neither do we use promotional images captured on 'fake' or set up wedding days, using models and props.
All of our wedding images are recorded during the constraints and timings of our customer's actual wedding day.

We think you should always be (carefully) mindful of this whilst choosing your wedding photographer.
Please ask yourself "do the images on his or her website match those we see in their sample albums, and are they taken at a real wedding ?"

Do you supply your prints ready framed ?

We do, and we would be pleased to supply your images mounted and framed.

We do value the high quality of our own work, and our presentation reflects this.

Our 'Signature' selection of framed work will include beautiful frame sections, museum quality mounting boards and non reflective glass.
The mounts will not fade and the printing will not be attacked by those nasty UV rays.
Our prints incorporate Giclee inks laid upon fine art, photographic papers - please ask to see samples.
As a result, this optional, bespoke service is slightly more expensive, but please contact us for further, specific details.

Alternatively, framed prints from our 'Traditional' range are more 'economical' and may be designed during your studio viewing appointment.

May we buy a voucher from you, for a friend ?

We are pleased to offer a variety of gift vouchers of differing values.
These may be purchased from the dedicated page upon our website.

Someone special may soon be celebrating a wedding, a newborn baby, or simply a birthday or anniversary.
We have sold vouchers to parents whose children were wanting to learn more about photography.
Subsequently, we've been pleased to help out with 'one to one' tuition.

Please call us, should you have any further questions or queries.

Do you supply passport photographs ?

We will be pleased to provide your passport or ID photographs.
The charge is just £6 per person for twelve prints.
We print the images while you wait, and amazingly, offer you a complimentary family portrait session, at a later date !

Are you CRB/DBS checked ?

Yes, and we hold a current certificate.

David is our proprietor and principal photographer, and passes the test.

For your benefit, the following is an extract from the UK government's website:
"The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) helps employers in England and Wales make safer recruitment decisions. A number of roles, especially those involving children or vulnerable adults, are entitled to a criminal record check.
Our aim is to help protect children and vulnerable adults by providing a first-class service to support organisations recruiting people into positions of trust".

Where is your ' testimonials' page ?

we don't have one, sorry !

Let's just suppose for one minute, that 'the studio, colby' had an unhappy customer.
Let's also suppose, that the same customer wrote to us, with a few lines of dissatisfaction.
Do you really believe that we are going to publish such words of a negative nature ?
Of course not !

and so, we offer an alternative.
take a peek at the list of customers upon our 'your photographs' page ... select any one, and we'll happily put you in direct contact with our client.
Our clients are happy to agree this for us, as we would expect you to, if we are selected for your project.

... besides, most people write their own testimonials, don't they ?

How should we all value family photographs and portraits ?

Do you remember the shoebox where grandma used to keep the family photographs ?
Spanning generations ?
Unfortunately, nobody is able to foresee what is 'around the corner' for us all.
What will you have to remember loved ones by, and how will you record your family members for future generations ?
And will your ever changing technology allow you to even view your ageing images ?

I remember attending a loved one's funeral service.
The framed image upon the casket was (with all due respect) awful !
And i thought ... Is that the best (and probably the only) picture they have to remember him by ?

Not the happiest paragraph we've ever written, but one that should provoke a little thought.

Let's have those photographs captured, printed, framed, and put up on those walls !

Do you work from a studio ?


We are very proud of our modern, "state of the art" photographic studio, here in Colby.
An array of backgrounds, themes and props are all at your disposal.
(and the kettle is always on !)

Following your photoshoot, we will ask you to return to view your images upon the 'big screen'.

How do I order prints from 'The Studio, Colby'

Simply click on the 'your photographs' tab at the top of our website's home page.
Select your event, and type in your supplied, specific password.
You will then be taken to our image sales page.

Our standard mounted print range commences at an 8" by 6" photograph, and increases up to 10" x 8".
Larger sizes are available combined with our print framing service.

Shopping is easy and straightforward.
We currently accept cheques, bank transfers, and old fashioned, cash.

Are you an 'Award Winning' photographer ?

Well, we have to hold up our hands and say "yes" to that one.

David has won prestigious Gold Awards within a few societies of worldwide reputation.

Do you shoot events and parties ?

Most certainly !

We are more than happy to attend your event and bring along studio lights, background and props, if needed.

Our experience and expertise allows us to print and mount your images 'on the night' for you to take home with you.
Alternatively, you may simply view and order 'on the night', and have your mounted prints sent directly to your home.

Do you sub contract any photography ?

No !

(although we do have arrangements in place, for any emergency situation)

Do you believe in photographic training ?

Yes !

Despite David's abundant years in the business, i'm sure you will be shocked at the amount of time, travel and expense he invests in further tuition.

Will you meet up with us before our wedding ?

Yes, by all means.

Your initial consultation will take place here at the studio.
We will look at some images and albums, discuss style, procedures, and timings etc etc.

For the second meet, we recommend you take advantage of our complimentary 'engagement shoot' offer.
This will allow you to see how we work, and if you feel we are the right people to record your big day, for you.
You will also have some beautiful images to peruse.

Do you offer photographic education or training, to others ?

We are currently educating a handful of clients on a one to one basis.
Quality training days are something we are seriously considering, here at the studio.
We feel that we are able to offer the very best photographic education, here on the Isle of Man.

David is a regular speaker, judge and educator, not only on the Isle of Man, but throughout Europe.
His highest educational achievement to date, was January 2015, where David competently delivered his seminar to a packed room at The Societies convention, in London.
The Societies is the largest photographic society outside of America, and enjoys an attendance of well over 12,000 visitors.
His work is also displayed among many of the photographic trade stands.